The New "Pet" of Farmers that Disrupts the Traditional Farming

Mengqian Li en viernes, 28 de febrero de 2020

Last month, Matas Danielevicius, CEO of one of our ventures Gaorai, talked to Nophakhun Limsamarnphun, editor of

Gaorai is an agri-tech platform connecting farmers to freelance agri-drone pilots. They are improving the precision application and sustainability of crop protection products in Thailand and the region.

Gaorai’s story and vision symbolise a rich Southeast Asian farming culture. Their modern approach and style is inviting different generations to reinvent day to day farming duties.

Merging local folklore and beliefs, they've created Gaorai brand to stand for happiness, luck and joy of hard-working people. Their humble approach derives from stories about Hanuman, lucky number 9 and rai (Thai land measurement unit). Gaorai is a symbol of the modern, humble and traditional rich future of agriculture.

Visit Gaorai's website to start your journey with Gaorai !

Watch this episode and listen to Matas tell the story of Gaorai: